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The Story of my Storrey

Making the most of a difficult situation can lead you to places you've never dreamed of. I found my muse in one of the most unlikely places.......

Love; such a powerful emotion. I would argue the most powerful emotion. Stronger than hate, pain, joy, excitement, fear, ect. Although it would seem these emotions are separate entities, some in direct conflict with one another, I find they often overlap in obscure and exhilarating ways. You could hate love or love to hate, find joy in pain or worse pain in joy. It’s astonishing how easily excitement turns to fear or how quickly love turns to hate. Love is for the lucky and that’s what I am… lucky. Lucky to have you read this, lucky to be able to type it; But most of all I am lucky to have a Storrey.

When I met Her I was not in a place to handle Her bold personality and less than identical views on social and political matters. The way She opened up Her heart and ears to what I had to say changed me. It gave me hope and strength to do the same. Com-mu-ni-ca-tion! A mantra for the young and bold. Planely put we as a generation suck at communication. The ability to talk to each other and work out the issues that divide us is missing. She helped me see communication as an art form. Allowing feeling and emotion to be bare and raw before one another has been more positively impactful than I ever knew was possible. I used to use communication to be concise and logical, mostly a means to an end, but through Storrey I've discovered communication is something with a more integral part in my life; with more complexity than I've know existed. It’s almost as if communication and the perfection of it is moving in to a state of flow with life. An equilibrium with one’s physical and emotional being in all capacities. Perfection is a concept that is unattainable but the closer you get pure communication the truer one's life becomes.

On that note I want to talk specifically about my Storrey. The first two words that come to mind are supportive and understanding. Although you may know these traits are very common among people whom have a nurturing demeanor; there is vast difference between someone who selectively and effectively acts on these instincts and one who applies them evenly throughout experiences. Understanding needs to be utilized across the board but support needs to be targeted. Life isn’t a river with a consistent predictable flow of troubles. It’s ever changing in the severity and frequency to which we experience and see these troubles. The fleeting nature of repeated attempts to support someone is evident in the diminishing returns one experiences when constantly being bombarded with support for issues large and small. By applying understanding across the board and selectively supporting you are able to preserve the genuine nature of attempts to support another individual in addition to them feeling the unconditional love that is expected from each other as partners. The most crucial element of a relationship is your perspective of it. When you start to view your partner as a nagging self righteous individual you’ve blinded yourself. You are no longer able to see how hard they try or feel the impact of what they sacrifice for your benefit.

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