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Peace in Perception

With only a few tricks what you see can change before your eyes. The seemingly dull and mundane can be transformed in to the magical through your own perception...

It’s quiet and cozy then suddenly your eyes are open; frantic and groggy you search for your alarm clock. You’re going to get up… You’re going to get ready... But who are you getting ready for? Picking out your outfit so he notices or styling your hair the way she likes. You’re weighing in other people's thoughts and reactions before you've even decided whether to have a cup of coffee or not. What if everything you did, you did because you wanted to do it and you chose to deal with the repercussions of such selfish actions to allow yourself some freedom. When extrapolating this concept it’s inevitable you will be faced with the dilemma of how far you’re willing to go with it. Would you sacrifice a once in a lifetime opportunity to appease a person you confessed to love? Would you lie and cheat on that same person you loved to feel the passion and excitement that accompanies a new lover? Exploring this idea gives you the opportunity to redefine freedom and for you dictate the level of uninhibited free will you want; but at the same time can have irreparable consequences A proper evaluation of life and the underlying reasons to the actions we take bring you closer to genuine sense of self. Do you recycle because you care about the environment or because you know it’s the right thing to do? Do you pay for something because it's wrong to steal or because you actually think what you’re buying is worth the money you’re going to paying for it? It’s these small and seemingly insignificant distinctions that can have an immense effect on internal validity. To be true to oneself. To love oneself. 

Confusion often comes to mind when deliberating the implications of doing what you want to do because you simply want to do it. On one hand you have complete freedom and chaos; on the other you are a puppet of others wants and needs imposed on you. Most situations are vastly more complex than people make them out to be. To say one path or way of thinking is right while the other is wrong feels idiotic. Perception is a much mightier force than many can overcome. The truth is you are a person with the free will to make your own decisions and regardless of what those decisions are you need to live with them. You need to be able to forgive yourself when you go to far or when you don’t go far enough. Real forgiveness comes by way of internal peace. Facing those decisions head on and truly being at peace with how things turned out is the only way to keep on living. This is not to say you have to enjoy or even like how things turned out; but it’s when you get stuck and are unable to stomace your own choices that you cease to be living. 

Forgiveness and peace come at a price and that price is different for everyone and every decision. Only in very rare circumstances will you know the price of something before you decide on it. Once decided you will pay the price big or small. The key to forgiveness and peace is your perception of what you paid that price for. You didn’t pay to feel the pain of a lost opportunity when not going far enough or the pain of a heart break when going to far. You paid for the knowledge of when to put your foot down and be selfish. You paid to know what it means to be strong in the face of temptation and what that can save you from losing. Learn from decisions good or bad, big or small; because that's how you keep on living. That’s how you know whether to have a cup of coffee or not.

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