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Despite Your Flaws

Take all or none. There is no some.........

I love you...

I do not love you despite your flaws. Neither you nor I exist without imperfections. To love you is to love every part of you; to celebrate and embrace the things that could be seen as imperfections. I not only accept you but devote myself entirely, with zero reservations, in all aspects to the aim of us and our well being. I love every beat of your heart as if it were my own and every measurable ounce of your essence as if it were the sweet libation of my love drunk state. I wish to feel your presence with every breath and with every exhale that cascades across my neck I wish to feel the hairs on my body stand up in attention as a sensational wave of goosebumps overcomes me. 

The fear of failure was a plague that devoured every iota of self worth and confidence that I had to my name; but now, now I wish everyone could feel liberation as I do. For whatever is is that ails you and fuels your inhibition to aspire to greatness; it is not a weakness but an opportunity to celebrate personal growth when challenged. Whatever you struggle with depression, addiction, anxiety, or another aspect of your personal life it can be exacerbated by a relationship with even slight selfish, unaccepting or noncommittal undertones.  In converse a relationship with selflessness, acceptance and true commitment will do quite the opposite. It can help you manage and slowly chip away at the disgusting foundations that allow these maladaptive thoughts and behaviours to arise. In a true relationship it's as if there is another voice of reason for you to lean on when being confronted with difficult situations. 

When these situations are before us we usually use the same justifications we've used in the past to stray from the path we have chosen for ourselves. Although there maybe merit to some or all of the justifications we use; we still must make a choice to act on those justifications. To stray from the path we have chosen. To give strength to our weaknesses is not failure but a missed opportunity to challenge ourselves.  The love and support that I've been blessed with makes it not only easier to realize these opportunities and to take advantage of them, but easier to live with the missed opportunities. It's important to have faith in ones partner. To believe their actions are for the benefit for your relationship as a whole and not just for themselves. You can't convince yourself that someone is invested you must feel it for yourself. 

Like most because of my past experiences I have built a mountain upon which a secret chest of emotion, trust and vulnerability lay. Although I vowed that this chest shall remain for my safety locked and the key destroyed it's apparent that this is not the case. It was she who chose to climb this mountain. She who chose to overlook it's scared landscape and rocky edges to see the beauty of what could be.  I could never have foreseen what is now here. How she would fashion a key of her own and liberate me from myself. 


 Love Analyst 

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